Figuring Out Marketing Plans

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office-594130_640When starting their own business, many people miss out on certain aspects of the planning. They consider things like what kind of business they’re going to run, the location of their business, and many other things that need to be considered when one starts a business. But what many people don’t consider are marketing plans. A person may consider the fact that they need to market in order to get their business out there, of course. But marketing plans are about more than simply knowing you need to market your business.

If a marketing plan is about more than simply marketing your business, what does it entail? It entails all the details involved in planning out exactly how you’re going to market!

There are three things that every marketing campaign needs to consider. First is who you’re attempting to reach with your marketing. Second is how you plan on reaching them. And lastly, you need to consider how you will retain those customers so that they continue buying from you in the future.

Many people get the idea of the second step. They consider running a television ad, or they take out ad space in a local newspaper. But they need to do more than that!

Consider your business. What kind of business are you planning on running? Figuring that out will help you figure out who you’re attempting to target with your ads. If you’re running a day care center, for example, then you’re probably not going to be targeting teenagers. Meanwhile, if you’re running an accounting business, you’re probably going to be targeting people with busy lives or other businesses. So getting a good idea of what your business will do will help you figure out who to target.

The second step, how to reach them, is actually easier to figure out once you know who you’re targeting. It’s easy to run a television spot and call it a day, but that might not be the best way to reach your target audience. Instead, do some research into what avenues your target market tends to frequent. If you know your target market tends to take public transportation, for example, it may be a better idea to buy a bus ad than to buy a television spot. Again, it all depends greatly on who you’re targeting.

The last part is the part that most people have a hard time with. In order to figure out how to get your customers to continuously buy from you, you have to get a good understanding of what you provide for them. Beyond simply what you’re selling, you have to understand if your customers prefer you over similar businesses because of your location, because of your customer service, or because of some other reason.

Figuring out these details will help you figure out your marketing plan. It’s always a good idea to figure these things out, because they will help you figure out how to maintain your business through the years.

Coming Up with the Perfect Marketing Concept

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There are many steps to coming up with the perfect marketing plan. From getting top notch advertisers and writers on the same page to knowing how to implement the perfect combination of tools to get that message out to your target audience, but none of this does any good without a great core concept. The marketing concept behind any advertising campaign is critical.

If you have a killer idea to work with, adding skilled people will only make it better. On the other side of things, a faulty concept is doomed from the start no matter how many talented individuals you hire, you won’t be able to salvage a project that is a bad conceptual fit from the start.

What Is a Marketing Concept?
When talking about marketing concepts, in a nutshell we’re talking about the idea or message behind any advertising campaign. You need to think of your target audience, what their needs, wants, and fears are, and then create a marketing campaign that meets their needs and anticipates any questions or concerns that they have ahead of time.

The idea with a marketing concept is that by starting with the customers and their needs, you’re going to be in a much better position to give them what they need and build up a positive reputation. You are almost certainly going to make more sales since your product or service will be lined up with what people are already demanding from the beginning.

While this sounds like a relatively basic concept, it is extremely important to get right. Another way to think of the concept is as the foundation of a campaign. If you build a house on a bad foundation, no matter how nice the house is it will collapse. The same is true in marketing. That core concept has to be solid for everything build on top of it to succeed.

This Is Not a New Idea
All the way back in Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations” he made the argument that the needs of the producers should only be considered as far as they meet the needs of the consumers. In other words they have to show value to the buyers before getting any special treatment or attention to their own needs.

The buyer is where it always starts at, and a quality marketing team will understand the importance of setting up a solid foundation based on who they want to reach.

Why the Early Research Is so Important
In some rare cases services can reach out to everyone. Facebook and Google are two examples, but even among those giant companies they started out by targeting a narrower and more focused audience. Most businesses aren’t that level of Goliath and focusing on the wrong target demographic of customers can be the difference between making it big, or folding completely.

The marketing concept for a campaign to reach the Millennial generation is going to be far different than a campaign aimed at aging Baby Boomers. Understanding the needs, fears, and desires of each group is how you will find a way to reach them with the right message to make any campaign a success.

What Are The Most Successful Home Businesses

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startup-594127_640Everyone wants to take part in the American Dream, the idea that they can be their own boss and work for themselves and no one else. It’s a great dream, but the real truth is that running your own business is incredibly difficult. There’s all the problems involved in running your own business, such as figuring out locations and paying property taxes for your building. Some people get around that by simply running a business out of their home. But what are the most successful home businesses that are out there?

It may seem flippant, but the most successful home businesses are the ones that offer a product or service that can be easily delivered out of the home. Many people don’t actually consider that fact before they attempt to run their own home business, and find themselves completely unable to actually run their business properly.

For example, there have been some people who have attempted to turn their home into a restaurant, and that almost always turns out poorly. It’s incredibly difficult to make a restaurant that can run smoothly when you’re also living inside that same place.

It’s also difficult to provide most products out of your own home. There are some few people who manage to run stores such as book sellers and curio shops out of their own home, but these are few and far in between.

In general, the home businesses that work the best are businesses that are providing a service. Services such as baby sitting or accountant work tend to work incredibly well. After all, most day care centers are essentially homes in any case, or are at least built in such a way that it feels like a home. Thus, running a day care center out of the home could work incredibly well.

Similarly, offering financial help out of your home could work out incredibly well. Simply set up a home office so that you can provide a professional appearance, and you’re set. In many cases, you don’t even need to worry about meeting people in person. These days, a large amount of record keeping is done with computerized files and over the internet. Customers can send you their files, and you can work on them from home without ever having to have a face to face meeting.

While a restaurant business won’t work as well when run from home, a food delivery service could work just fine. If you run a catering service, it’s expected that you will bring food to the customer. In that case, it’s simple enough to cook the food in your home, pack up the car, and bring the food to where it needs to go.

At the end of the day, running a successful home business requires understanding what kind of businesses work well from home. Don’t simply try to run your business from home in an attempt to save on costs. Make sure it’s a business that you can run successfully!